Sr. GM Energy & Environment

Supreme Industries Ltd.

At The Supreme Industries Ltd, we are extremely pleased with our business relationship with Innovel Energy Services Pvt Ltd. As a leader in the plastic industry, we are adopting a low-carbon growth
strategy and commitment to sustainability is a core component of our business strategy. The company has taken various concrete steps to move forward in sustainable development by
establishing rooftop solar at across India to increase green energy utilization. In line with this, Innovel Energy Services Pvt Ltd. successfully installed a 3.5 Mwp rooftop solar project at our Kharagpur plant,(West Bengal) resulting in, substantial cost savings and a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. Through the deployment of rooftop solar systems at our plants, we have achieved guaranteed annual generation which makes a transformational contribution to our business. In continuing association with Innovel, the company also awarded the installation of rooftop solar at its Cuttack & Guwahati units to Innovel Energy Service Pvt Ltd. a panel EPC developer. Innovel also provided Assets Management Services to us which helped our maintenance team to understand the technicalities and the volatilities of a solar plant in a more insightful way. Innovel Energy is a complete value-for-money service. We highly recommend Innovel Energy Services Pvt Ltd. to other organizations seeking energy
friendly solutions. Their expertise and commitment during solar installation, and O&M activities have made them an invaluable partner in our sustainable journey.
Let’s Commit- “Go Green- Make Our Industry Green”